How to Wear and Use Your Soccer Cleats

How to Wear and Use Your Soccer Cleats

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Soccer is played by using your feet, which is why having the right soccer cleats is so crucial to the game. In fact, buying the right pair can maximize your performance on the field. While it’s important to know how to buy the right pair of soccer cleats, it’s also equally important to know how to wear and use them. For example, are you allowed to wear soft ground cleats on hard surfaces? Are indoor soccer cleats similar to ordinary sneakers? When do you replace your studs? These are all valid questions, and reveal just how important it is to learn everything there is to know about your soccer gear. Learning how to wear and use your soccer cleats will not only enhance your performance, but also extend the life of your shoes. Whether you’re a professional soccer player or new to the sport, here are a few tips on how to wear and use your soccer shoes.

Surface matters: Cleats are made to be used on specific surfaces.  It’s important to wear the right type of cleats according to the type of surface you plan to play on. For example, if you own soft ground cleats, don’t use them on hard surfaces. While the final decision is up to you, follow this rule if you’re a professional player or want to enhance your performance out on the field.

Wash properly: You can’t throw your dirty soccer cleats into the washing machine with other soccer supplies. However, it’s easy to keep them clean by wiping them down after each use. Use a damp cloth and remove any dirt or mud after each game or practice. Never wash them in the machine. When it comes to drying your cleats, do not machine dry. Simply allow them to dry naturally, or stuff newspapers into the cleats to absorb any moisture.

Replace your studs on time: If you own detachable cleats, then you will need to replace the studs from time to time. How often? It depends on how often they are used and the conditions. However, a good rule of thumb is to change the studs if they are uneven. This is because uneven or worn down studs can throw off the player’s balance or game and cause injury. If they seem worn down, replace the studs.

Break in new cleats: To enhance comfort and avoid blistering, it’s important to break in a new pair of cleats. There are many ways you can do this without destroying your shoes. An easy way to break them in is to hose the shoes and wear them to do some light exercises. When you’re done, remember to let them air dry and stuff newspaper to absorb the water.


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