Soccer Tryout Tips to Make the Team

Soccer Tryout Tips to Make the Team

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Get prepared before soccer tryouts and improve your chances of getting into the team with these tips:

Work on your aim

If you have the room for it, set up a soccer goal in your backyard and practice shots until you have consistent aim. For corner kick practice, take a friend or family member and go to a park. From there you can practice corner kicks to each other. The trick with aim is that you want to be able to consistently predict where the ball is going. To achieve this, work on one type of shot to one location at a time.

Get your gear

Buy all your gear well in advance of tryouts and use them as much as you can before. You will need to be comfortable in your clothes and shoes during tryouts. Ideally use the same cleats that you practiced with for your tryouts.

Recruit a friend

A coach will want to see some talent and skill in one to one play. Find a friend who will also try out and practice one on one together. Once you show enough skill, even if the position you want is taken, you can still be picked for another position.


Sometimes all the practice and skill in the world will count for nothing if nerves get the better of you. Try and find out from former players or seniors in what to expect at the tryouts. How it goes, the order and what happens. The more you know of what to expect, the better prepared you will be.

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