Choosing the Right Items for Your Soccer Uniforms

Choosing the Right Items for Your Soccer Uniforms

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Whether you are playing for fun or are a serious athlete, your soccer uniform serves multiple purposes. Along with allowing you to look stylish on the pitch it also allows you to function and play your best. You need your soccer jerseys, shorts, cleats and other items to fit comfortably, keep you cool during hot games and give you extra performance. It’s important to buy the best quality soccer equipment in order to make sure that you get the most out of your game.

Here’s a look at some of the most important parts of a soccer uniform and what you should be looking for when making a purchase:

Jerseys: No piece of soccer apparel is more iconic than a soccer jersey. It also needs to be comfortable enough for you to move in while playing while helping to keep you cool and dry. Soccer jerseys have traditionally been made from lightweight and durable polyester, but many modern jerseys now feature moisture-wicking fibers that are designed to keep sweat from collecting on players and making them hot.

Shorts: Much like with soccer jerseys, soccer shorts are typically either made using polyester or a moisture-wicking fabric. As a general rule, you’ll want the material of your soccer shorts to match that of your jerseys to give your uniform a cohesive look. Soccer shorts typically have a shorter inseam than basketball shorts – a typical inseam for soccer shorts is about five inches.

Compression Shirts and Shorts: Many soccer players wear compression shirts or shorts underneath their regular jerseys and shorts. These are tight-fitting garments that are usually made of a material that helps to keep moisture away from their bodies. In addition, the tight fit can help to reduce muscle pulls and cramps in areas such as the thighs and groin. They also provide an additional layer to help prevent chaffing from the regular jerseys and shorts during games.

Some compression shirts and shorts are designed to provide additional warmth. This serves two purposes: helping to keep a player warm during cold weather games and keeping muscles warm during intense play.

Socks: Soccer socks help to secure shin guards, which are critical pieces of equipment that help to keep players safe from injury. You’ll want to choose a sock that is the right thickness depending on whether you are playing in cold or hot weather. Higher-end socks can also be made from a moisture-wicking material to keep feet dry during long games.


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