Three Basic Soccer plays to Master

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becsoccerAbsolute beginners to Soccer need to start somewhere. Once you have gotten the basics down, then drills and plays are next. Practice is essential and the more you do these, the better you will get. When it comes to plays, there are tens of possibilities. Rather than explore them all, it is best to start with the most basic ones first. Here are three basic plays to practice and try out in regular games:

Wall pass

The wall pass is one of the most popular plays. For it to work, there has to be space behind the defender, a well positioned teammate to act as a wall along with his awareness of what you plan to do.

It works as follows: In a situation setup as mentioned above, you pass the ball to your teammate, whos is acting as the wall. At this point you sprint into the free space behind the defender. The ball will bounce off the wall (the return pass) and you will be in the empty space to receive it.


During a corner kick, switching can cause confusion with the opponents defense. You first run to the first or last post near the 18 yard box. At the last moment, change your direction and run in the complete opposite direction.


This is also called passing into space. It works by passing into empty space behind the defender and sprinting to the ball. Since you sprint before the defender does, you can beat him to the ball and thereby pass him.

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