9 Tips for effective soccer shooting

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becsoccer july 2016As soccer players in training it is advised that players attempt to shoot. Here are a few effective soccer shooting tips.

Observe the goalkeeper’s position – look for gaps that have been left open.

Select the best tec
hnique for your shot – Decide on what type of shot will work best. For example a side foot shot, have greater accuracy. While an instep (laces) shot, will have greater power.

You should then place your non-kicking foot alongside the ball.

Your head should be facing down with your eyes on the ball while you strike. Your body should be right over the ball before striking.
5. When connecting with the ball, remember to make contact with the middle to top half of the ball.

To make sure you score, it is important to shoot wide rather than high. This may confuse the goalkeeper, giving you a better chance of scoring.

Keep your shots low. This will make it harder for the goalkeeper to reach the shot as it can take them longer to travel, beacuse crouching down can be much harder and take more time.

Keep your shots across the keeper. This makes it harder for them to hold the shot.

9. The best place to aim is at the bottom of the net as it is very difficult for the goalkeeper to reach a shot close to the ground.

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