Three ways to improve your Soccer skills

Three ways to improve your Soccer skills

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besoccerOne of the major themes in all sports is that in order to excel on the field you need to put in the work outside of your team practices. This is also true for soccer. Training at home on your own will go a long way to improving your game on the field. Here are three ways to improve your soccer skills on your own:


Being good at juggling a soccer ball does not make you a better soccer player. However, it can greatly improve your touch. This will lead to better ball control, and that is the foundation of your game. When juggling try to do so with spin, side spin ,back spin etc. This sort of control will give you an advantage on the field


Here is how to trap the ball. Kick the ball as high in the air as you can vertically under your control. When the ball is coming down, catch it with the shoelace part of your cleats. The ball should not bounce, and you should be able to settle it on the ground. This will allow you to catch the ball and then execute another move straight after.


Just as in basketball dribbling the soccer ball is extreme important. Once you have mastered the physical skill of dribbling, you need to do it planning two steps ahead. Learn to dribble the ball into a space where the defender cannot get to it and you can. In addition try to keep your eyes up and in front of you, and avoid staring down at the ball.

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