How to Care For Your Team As a Coach on Road Trips

How to Care For Your Team As a Coach on Road Trips

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If your team is heading to a soccer tournament, it can be fairly stressful planning for the upcoming event. You’ll need to take care of lodging, food, transportation, and all the other team needs that will be brought up. Now, unless you plan the entire trip beforehand, there’s a high chance that you’re going to be overwhelmed when the tournament begins drawing near.

Gather the Equipment

You’re not going to be going to the tournament empty-handed. Prior to the game, your team will have some time to practice and warm up. And, they’ll need some soccer balls to do just that. On the other hand, if you have extra soccer uniforms handy, bring them just in case; you never know who might have a wardrobe malfunction – and on the big game, every man or woman counts.


Because you’re travelling in a fairly large group, each individual must be responsible for his or her nutritional needs. Tell each player to bring a personal supply of emergency food with them as well as an extra filled large water bottle.

As soon as you touch down at your destination, you’ll most likely look for a local restaurant to eat at. Be sure to call ahead to see what restaurant or diner can accommodate large parties. One of the best types of restaurants that you can host lunches or dinners at is one that serves buffet-styled meals. This way, your players will get to eat whatever they want without having to worry about people being picky. Also, it’s extremely important that you write down who has food allergies. Severe allergic reactions can prove to be fatal if not treated right away.

Long-Distance Trips

If you’re going to be staying in a location for some time, you’ll want to take care of your player’s laundries. Take a couple volunteers and have them sort out what needs to be cleaned. Then, bring the dirty soccer gear over to a local Laundromat. Keep this cycle going to make sure that everybody has clean clothes.

If you’re located close to a supermarket, you might want to stockpile some snacks for game day. Many groceries have items that are sold in bulk that contain the proper nutrition for athletes. Also, don’t forget to bring water and sports drinks, especially if it’s a hot day. A dehydrated player can be a coach’s worst nightmare. More than often, game days are scheduled on warm, if not blistering, days so it’s important that you take every precaution.

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