Three reasons why Ozil might not be right for United

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There are rumors that Jose Mourinho is looking to bring in former Real Madrid and German International Mesut Ozil. Mourino is aware of Ozil’s skills from his time as Manager of Real Madrid. However, things have changed, and Ozil might not be the right fit for United. Here are three reasons why the Reds should look elsewhere:


As someone who does not mince his words, Arsenal legend and TV pundit Martin Keown had it right when he said that Ozil is an expensive luxury as a player. The problem with Ozil is that he does not go the extra mile for the team. He lacks fighting spirit, and it shows when he comes up against bigger, stronger, and better opposition.


Ozil is not the same player he was four years ago when he arrived at Arsenal. The German international was one of the standout performers at the FIFA World Cup. After an offer from Real Madrid, he became one of the best-attacking midfielders. Today, you cant guarantee that he would make the starting side and creates the fewest chances per game in his career.


Another issue is that Mourinho already has a great duo in Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Juan Mata to play behind the striker. Throwing Ozil in their would only complicate matters. Also, much like local rivals Manchester City, United possess a deep squad and do not need someone like Ozil.

If United’s loss against Huddersfield is any indication, they need the more defensive capability and should focus bringing in new players and leave the offensive setup alone.

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