The different levels of soccer cleats

The different levels of soccer cleats

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When kids start playing soccer, you need to start shopping around for all the gear and accessories like kids soccer backpacks. It’s good to stay grounded regarding how much you are willing to spend. Depending on the age, they will also outgrow a lot of their gear pretty fast. Here is a rough breakdown of the different price categories for soccer cleats:

$150+ – These are elite level soccer cleats that look like the pairs worn by professional players and contain the level of technology. The only downside, other than the price, is durability. Professional players use several pairs a season, so durability is not a requirement.

$80-$150 – The performance of the boots in this range are often better than the elite level. These cleats will last much longer. When you go into a store, most of the soccer footwear you see will fall into this price range. You will find most buy kids soccer cleats in this range.

$40-$80 – This is one of the lower tiers. The cleats are often the same as the next higher level without the technology. Cleats at this price point is a good level for players starting out or experimenting with the sport.

Do not buy soccer cleats cheaper than $40 as they are just cheap boots with a logo. If you are on a budget look around for sales of slightly older cleats.


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