The best forwards in soccer this season

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The primary goal of a soccer team is to score, and often the forwards are the ones who score the majority of the goals. Also, they serve to provide teammates with scoring opportunities and looking for weaknesses in the defences. Here are some of the top forwards in soccer this season:

Lionel Messi

There was a lot anguish, fear, uncertainty, doubt when Neymar left Barcelona for PSG. However, what most people forgot was that Messi was still in the team, and is arguably one of the best soccer players in the world. In 40 matches, Messi has 33 goals and 13 assists and is the master of the free-kick. With the above stats, he edges out the competition and is the top forward of the season so far.

Mohamed Salah

The left-footed Salah has left defenders scrambling when he cuts in from the right hand side. With 31 goals in 39 appearances he is just behind Messi and is a rising superstar. The former Chelsea and current Egyptian international shows no sign of slowing down and is now tied with Harry Kane for the Golden Boot.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is one of two players you could consider as the best player in the world and no list would be complete without him. With a slow start to the season, Ronaldo is showing signs of increasing his goal scoring and making a play for player of the year.

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