Tailoring your soccer coaching philosophy to your age group

Tailoring your soccer coaching philosophy to your age group

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besoccerA coaching philosophy is the values and standards you intend to set for yourself and your team. Creating a philosophy is quite simple, but ensuring that you maintain the same values and beliefs for the season can be difficult.

A coaching philosophy is important, as it gives you and your team direction to reach your goals. Take time to think through your coaching philosophy as it will explain to people who you are as a coach and as a person

Start with tailoring your philosophy to your age group

Ages 6 and under – Kids in this age group may have not played the game before. Your goal as a coach, should be to teach your team the basics about the game and create a passion for the game. These teams are less about competition and more about making friends and learning about the game.

Ages 7 to 9 – After learning about the game, these teams what to know how well they are progressing. They realise how their skills and their other teammates skills receive feedback. Some team members may become competitive at this age.

Ages 10 – 12 – Kids playing the game at this age, have experience in the game and our looking to progress. Fuel their skills by providing them with knowledge and more practice sessions. Winning and losing will take prominence at this age.

Ages 13 – 14 – This age group is looking for a challenge. They have the basic skills needed and are looking to improve. At this age children are building their own personal identities, so get to know each player personally (by knowing who their favorite soccer players/ teams are).

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