Advice for parents on bullying in sports clubs

Advice for parents on bullying in sports clubs

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becsoccerIt can be difficult for any parent to see their child get bullied. Usually the first instinct of a parent is to protect their child by either confronting the bully or pulling the child out of the sports team. Reacting in this way may not help your child in the long run.

Signs your child is being bullied;

Has your child suddenly lost interest in the club/sport?

Has your child refused to attend sport practices?

Have they said that they feel unwell or look anxious about going?

Have you noticed a change in their behaviour?

If your child makes an attempt to confide in you, you should let them openly say what they feel about the situation. Tell your child that it is important that they sort this sensitive situation out sooner rather than later. Your child’s fears and concerns may seem trivial to you, but you should understand that in his/her world these issues are very important.

Once you have spoken and clearly identified the issues being faced, it is important that you speak to your child as to how they would like to take this issue forward. It is best if you and your child meet with the team’s coach as a united front. Tell the coach that you understand that in sports there will be banter, however that this has now become persistent and is damaging your child’s confidence. Don’t be afraid to ask your coach for a copy of the anti-bullying policy.

Finally, give your child the reassurance that you will assist them through this process.

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